E60 - Marcia Lucia Teixeira

March 23, 2022

Marcia Lucia Teixeira - Senior Development Manager, General Motors

In the past 3 years Marcia Lucia has been leading GM’s Global Purchasing and Supply Chain DataHub, focusing on data solutions and projects. It includes real time data consumption, data transformation, Analytical and Machine learning solutions.

In 2013, Teixeira joined General Motors as a Senior Manager. In this role, she has been leading and delivering new applications and IT solutions, focused on the Global Purchasing and Supply Chain area, using different technologies, in house and COTS solutions.

In 2006, Teixeira was assigned as a senior Program and Development Leader for one of General Motors contracts, with an annual revenue of nearly $10 million. It included managing offshore teams in 15 different countries, interfacing with clients in different regions, P&L financial outlook and management, strategic planning and contract management.

In October 2000, Teixeira relocated to the United States, leading a team of onshore and offshore resources on development of applications and solutions for EDS major client, General Motors.

In the late 1990s, Teixeira was assigned as an EDS Brazil-Rio Solution Center program manager leading a team of over 150 system engineers to the successful delivery of several global projects, applications and solutions for international and domestic clients.

Teixeira began her career in Brazil working for the Shell Brazil Company IT organization and later transitioned to EDS do Brazil. Teixeira served as a key member of the Brazil-Rio Solution Center staff by performing technical and leadership roles on projects for various clients and business areas such as Golden Cross Health Care, Xerox do Brazil, GM do Brazil and the United States Federal Aviation Association.

Teixeira holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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