E76 - Andre Garzia

March 20, 2023

Andre Garzia - Writer and Software developer

Andre is a writer and software developer. He is a hybrid author but favours self-publishing because owning your own platform is important and also because he secretly enjoys tinkering with ePubs. Andre published many non-fiction books focused on computer programming, and has been featured in a couple of Science Fiction and Horror short story anthologies.

Andre is originally from Brazil but now lives in the UK with his cat.

Links - ⁠Blog do Andre - ⁠Markdown - Leanpub - ⁠⁠little.webby.press⁠ - Lisp - ⁠UFF - ⁠Kauai’s Hindu Monastery - ⁠Mozilla⁠ - Apress - ⁠WebOS - Firefox OS - IoT - ⁠⁠Lua

Livros - Roguelike Development with JavaScript⁠⁠ - Quick Guide For Firefox OS App Development - Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs - How to Design Programs

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